The Butt Types Poster by Viktor Hertz

Earlier this year, Viktor Hertz made a project called ‘Typornography’, where he made minimal illustrations of bodies and various body parts, only using text characters in different fonts; Body Types, Pussy Types, Dick Types and Butt Types.

About Butt Types….

He originally made 50 of these, but had to narrow it down to 30 to make a balanced and nice layout, suitable for a poster. He’ve tried all possible variations and have been very thorough choosing the best options for everything. The fonts he chose for this poster are: Adobe Garamond Pro, American Typewriter, Arial, Big Caslon, Bodoni, Calibri, Century Gothic, Comic Sans, Chopin Script, Copperplate, Didot, DIN, Eurostile, Futura, Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, ITC Benguiat, Joane, Klavika Bold, Lato, Mrs Eaves, Optima, Papyrus, Playfair Display, Steelfish, Times New Roman, Trajan Pro, VAG Rundschrift D and Zapfino. 

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