Sustainable cat furniture by SØDE Design

SØDE Design is launching ORIGAMEOW, an all-in-one bar stool and scratching post, and  introducing FLOWER PAWER, a flower box and vertical scratching post. The ORIGAMEOW and  FLOWER PAWER come assembled and delivered in a cardboard box, which after unpacking is  easily transformed into a cat house. 

Designed with the help of a veterinarian and cat behaviorist, experienced Marketing Director and  Interior Designer Carøle Picou-Katmann wanted to create long-lasting pieces that offer an  alternative to ugly cat furniture. Handmade in Portugal where renewable energy and good  working conditions underpin the manufacturing process, these pieces of cat furniture have  sustainable designs that both cats and humans alike will love.  

ORIGAMEOW is a multi-functional hideaway, perch, scratcher, and play space for kitties that  also serves as a seat for humans. Made from premium recycled cardboard, sustainably sourced  wood, and Oeko-Tex Certified fabrics that are all safe for the environment and safe for your cat.  A unique play rope that is hand woven using recycled industrial waste that is durable and safe  for cats to play with.

FLOWER PAWER, a wall-mounted cat scratcher with a built-in flower pot on top. Made with  recycled cardboard, eco-certified wood, and Portuguese cork for an elegant and natural look.  This sturdy scratcher can be mounted at any height to give your cat a nice stretch while  scratching and the play rope adds extra fun. 

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