Studio Lilesadi: Delicate and minimalistic design

Back in 2012 somewhere in Rotterdam, German textile designer Dinah Smutny and her sister Sarah Smutny started to write minimalistic and graphic patterned stories full with details and colors. If you take a look closely to their work you will find calming and pure design with lot of black & white details. 

The studio experiments with different textures such as stones and marble and loves to play with soft shades and gradients. Lilesadi does not follow trends or fashion, they decide about the final colors during the design process, it depends on the flow they are in.

The duo enjoys to collaborate with other design studios and brands. The studio recently collaborated with Photowall Sweden, Siebring & Zoetmulder, Bershka and Studio Rafaele Rohn. Inspired by these projects LileSadi places a strong focus on future collaborations with other designers and brands.
For Lilesadi craftsmanship is essential to create timeless, high quality pieces. All Lilesadi products are made in the Netherlands. 

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