stikS-it by Studio Algoritmo

stickS-it is a collection of black vinyl adhesives, representing the silhouettes of famous design chairs, real size, usable on walls or any other smooth surface.
stickS-it locates a place where to pile up to a sitting height books, newspapers, magazines or any other object that can be stacked up and used as a seat.
stickS-it solves the space-problems cosed by the modern way of living, combining in one bidimensional element both a seat and a bookcase. 
stickS-it was born from the desire to give everybody the possibility to enjoy the shapes that made the history of Design, by creating chairs that are at the same time famous and low-cost, giving life to a smart, fun and democratic decoration, for all the lovers of good design.

Designed by Alessandro Gorla (of Studio Algoritmo – Italy, with the collaboration of BR4VO Diseño