Spacious House by Prodan Design & Kiril Konstantinov

Kitchen Day 1

The central theme of the interior are natural tints and patterns: a solid off-white and greyish base that very well supports the warm, natural nut wood and wenge veneer, and black accents. Much of the interior is custom-made by Ukrainian craftsmen. The floors are paved with ceramic Apavisa stone-patterned tiles. Together with the wooden flooring, this nicely complements the overal theme. Daily life takes place on the ground floor, where the couple spend most of their time, with an open kitchen, a living room, an adjoining dining room, and the master bedroom.
The center of the ground floor is a pantry. All the movements on the first floor revolve around this storage room. The living room has a six-meter high ceiling and large windows that look out over the terrace and pine forest that surrounds the house. The result is a very pleasant, soft light and a spacious, airy looking room. At night five seemingly weightless hanging lamps (designed by David Trubridge) provide equally smooth light.
The front doors (Lualdi) lead into a small hall, from which one can either walk into the kitchen, or into the living room.
The centerpiece in the living room is a three-sided fireplace. As per the clients’ wishes, it is a real eyecatcher and looks great from the living room, the dining room and the hall. As such, it connects these spaces in a very elegant way. The fireplace and chimney are covered with dark natural schist tiles. Since this construction is more than two storeys high, it not only connects the rooms it faces on the ground floor, but also the ground and the first floor. The Natuzzi couch, chairs and other furniture accessorise the composition on the ground floor.
The open kitchen (about 21m²) has all the kitchen appliances one would expect. The tabletop functions both as a working space and a bartop. It is almost completely covered with dark wood veneer and was custom-made.
The dining room connects to the living room and the kitchen. With natural light coming from different sides and the glass, spherical lamps (ClassiCon) hanging from the ceiling, the dining area (table and chairs by Calligaris) is located in a comfortable area.
A two-level staircase made of steel and wood leads to the second floor. The second floor has a balustrade that looks out over the living room on the ground floor. One can take a book from the bookcase and sit down in one of the comfortable chairs.
The master bedroom has a double-size bed and a fireplace. Its wooden and black details go well the warm wooden floor boarding and the rest of the interior.
The main bathroom in the house has both a shower as well as a bathtub. The washbasins (Marmorin Balia) were chosen especially for their extraordinary depth, so that it would fit in one and the same construction together with the bathtub. The off-white floor tiles (Del Conca) form the neutral base for the bathroom. The space is decorated with dark nut wooden and stone details.
On this floor one can also find a training room with workout equipment, a guest double bedroom and a guest bathroom. The bedroom features a wall that is covered with a wooden mosaic.
Overall, every room has its own identity, but they all improvise to the same natural theme of a neutral off-white background, often made of stone and marble with details like schist, wood, wool, and leather, which ties the house together into one comfortable living space. 

Designed by PRODAN Design in collaboration with Kiril Konstantinov