Miraculous & Vibrant Lucis Lamp

When I saw the description about Lucis Lamp it was something like "A portable lamp like no others" and I was a little bit sceptical. Now, when I have it right in front of me I can confirm that Lucis is like no other lamps. It's miraculous, enchanting little cube that gives new dimension to my home. You can literally play with Lucis colors. Lucis is perfect for indoor and for outdoor.  

"A Portable Lamp like no other, with one charge you can take Lucis anywhere  and set the mood with 80 Hours of continuous lighting." 

Lucis is powerful wireless lamp and its quality LED lights host over 16 millions different colors. Plexiglas housing takes the light to another level en fills your space with any color you want easily. 

Lucis has three extra dedicated light programs. By touching multiple sensors simultaneously you can activate and deactivate the light programs at ease.  

You can read more info and order your Lucis lamp here  - LUCIS LAMP or INDIEGOGO