MAT Offices in Beijing

MAT Office is a research and design studio based in Rotterdam and Beijing. It is an office dedicates to the observation and speculation of the emerging issues in the contemporary urbanization processes, and also aims to seek the architectural possibilities strategically based on these principles. Team members have already accomplished a series of design projects with different scales and programs, such as city renovation and regeneration, cultural, residential, office building and city complex.
Through research and design projects, MAT Office develops urban studies, strategic social and spatial transformations, architectural design, as well as teaching, exhibitions and cultural events. Bottom-up emergence, spontaneously growing of the various urban spaces, and the maximum of public participation will always be the core propositions and principles of MAT Office when confronting the social and cultural aspects. Based on the social behavior, urban condition and historic context, this attitude has developed a methodology of programmatic and systematic thinking, which is also enabling MAT Office to explore new territories in the design process.