Mahaton Bottle: water bottle that truly cares for your health.

The world’s first wireless charging self-cleaning water bottle, inspired by modern architecture. Keeping your water pure and odorless. The sterilize feature is what Mahaton Self-Cleaning Bottle all about. The mercury-free UV-C LED technology from Silicon Valley produces a 99.99% sterilization of Mahaton Self-Cleaning Bottle and water.   With UV-C light at 275nm, it effectively destroys bacteria DNA and RNA strand. Even NASA is using this technology to sterilize their water in space.   With FDA, CE and SGS certifications, the UV-C LED deep UV disinfection technology was first used by NASA to sterilize space gloves and allow astronauts to drink pure water. Now, this technology is family-friendly and within your reach. Using a bottle that you keeps your water fresh,  clean, safe to drink all the time and wherever you go. 

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