Little Monastery apartment by ti architekti

How do you feel about living in a monastery? The apartment is located in the residence Little Monastery, in the building of an old monastery from the 17th century. There are two bathrooms, dressing room, bedroom, children’s room and living room with kitchenette. The apartment has in total 100m2. During the process of renovation a lot of things has been changed from the original owner concept. The historic wooden ceiling and the original frescoes were hidden above the plasterboard ceiling. ti architekti could not leave this historical footprint hidden and left it to restorers. In contrast to the decorative fragments, they put contrasting raw and industrial elements and materials in combination with modern solitaires. The high kitchen unit is covered by a black-colored concrete door. There was once a chapel in the bedroom area. It can be separated together with the window by a curtain that covers the perimeter walls of the bedroom. Behind the curtains there is a curtain-covered scene. The apartment has a small dressing room. Here they uncovered the original frescoes.

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Photography credits: Zdeněk Buchlák