Femme Saturne: Fascinating Light Installation

Vasileios Roumeliotis created extraordinary table light installation named "Femme Saturne". When I first saw "Femme Saturne" I felt the woman power coming through this fascinating masterpiece by Vasileios. 

Inspired by an interplay between the enigmatic planet of Saturn and a woman’s curves, this table lamp creates a ‘tease’ through dimmable illuminated breasts while our lady’s most peculiar hat provides a mysterious feel. 

In this innovative table light installation, the breasts, as an eternal symbol of femininity diffuse light. On the other hand the mysterious head-Saturn light can work independently.

The metal chain corset covering the body of our lady, masterfully combined with texts and another re-used objects found in our day to day life, give it a totally unique feeling. 

Designed by Vasileios Roumeliotis 
Photos by Giannis Aggelou