DRIIN lamp designed by Studio Algoritmo

DRIIN is a table and wall lamp in Plexiglas, designed by Studio Algoritmo for Vesta Design. It is made up of a sheet of PMMA folded so as to provide support to a cylindrical luminous body.

The project stems from a study of gestures and needs of the users. Taking inspiration from the old rotary phones, the lamp has a detachable light source and an extensible spiral cable that allow the light to follow the user in his movements, solving different lighting needs event away from the base. Once the body is separated from the lamp, the cylinder can be placed in different positions, allowing to solve primary lighting needs and new and unexpected functions. These features make DRIIN a practical and efficient product, without sacrificing irony and creative gesture.

DRIIN is available in transparent version or with different colours.  

Designed by Studio Algoritmo for Vesta s.r.l