Collection Jardin d’Hiver by Géraldine Biard

Every piece is integrating aromatherapy and light therapy to alleviate sleep disturbances and anxiety, and engages the user’s sight, smell and tactile senses. 
The translucent and strength qualities of Corian® have been used to design the top section of the pieces. The design evokes an open window into a snow covered landscape, where the aromatherapy emanates from a sculpted sensual mountain, and the light therapy diffuses behind a graphic scenery that invites the individual to envisage a faraway relaxing landscape. 

Acting as a catalyst to inspire a revolution in design excellence in the field of dementia care, Jardin d’Hiver provides an elegant innovative design solution made of Corian®, wood and copper.
The collection composed of two bedside cabinets, a console table and a credenza follows the individuals from home to care home. To use with a program respecting the patients daily routines, the furniture aim to make a safe and reassuring environment.
The research has been conducted for the user group of people with dementia but is suitable for a larger category of people.
The design elegance of Jardin d'Hiver will not be out of place in luxury hotels and spas or in the home.  

Designed by Géraldine Biard