Black Velvet: Stylish furniture for your beloved cat

If you want to give ultimate pleasure to your cat or your band of cats then you definitely need to check Black Velvet. Black Velvet is established in 2015 and provide a unique Nordic style furniture for your cats. Stylish and minimalistic pieces which will make your home warmer and your cat happier. 

Pet House Juno will perfectly fit your home interior. It is made from humidity-proof birch plywood and finished with high-quality lacquer, so you can use it as a side table in every room, even in your bathroom. 

Cat scratcher Scratch is made of plywood and sisal carpet. Sisal is a natural fibre, that is often used on scratchers because of its strength and durability.  

Cat toy Catch is playful accessories made from natural materials. The toy stick is made using a branch stick, a leather string, a wooden pearl and natural feathers. 

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Photos by Jana Solom